New built Tiwal 3 – 5,2m² Zeil boat Tiwal 3 – 5,2m² Zeil

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Tiwal 3 – 5,2m² Zeil - цены начинаются от rub 403,687 (€ 5.490)

Tiwal is made for real sailing enthusiasts.

It is an inflatable sailboat, lightweight (total 50 kg), playful, agile and even the most experienced skippers will feel very happy with this toy.

Pure sailing sport where the specialists will experience the kick of the combination of water, wind and the power of the gaff.


A solid design with the perfect chosen materials such as the aluminum frame, UV resistant material and the carbon mast. A super fast hydrodynamically designed sailing boat with its читать больше v-shape bottom that weighs only 25 kg excluding sail and consists of 2 air compartments.

Maximum load on the wings: 1 adult, 90 kg.

Available with various assecoires such as a boat cover, beach cart, loose sails, pipe protectors etc.

The Tiwal can be set up in 20 minutes.


Can be stored in two bags so that it can be taken on board as a dinghy.

Bag 1, inflatable boat: 150x40x35cm, 26kg.

Bag 2, sail, mast and loose parts: 150x40x35cm, 28kg.


The Tiwal 3 with 5m² sail is suitable for a wind speed of 4 to 16 knots (5 to 28 km / h).

The Tiwal 3 with 7m² sail is suitable for a wind speed of 4 to 10 knots (5 to 19 km / h).

Тип:Открытая парусная лодка
Вторая категория:Резиновая и надувная лодка
Цена:rub 403,687 (€ 5.490)
НДС:НДС уплаченный
Переменная тяга:нет
длина:3.20 m
Ширина:1.30 m
Тяга:0.01 m
Описание:Tiwal is the inflatable sailboat for every sail fanatic! Light weight, to be packed in two handy bags and can be set up quickly.
Дизайнер:Marion Excoffon
Форма корпуса:V-днище
Цвет корпуса:серый
Цвет палубы:чёрный
Конструкция палубы:ПВХ




Объём (тн):50 kg
Киль/Шверц:keel + centreboard

Каюты:Каюты: 0

Установка и паруса
Количество мачт:1
Материал гика (рангоутного дерева):карбон (уголь)
Парусная площадь:5 m2
:North Sails

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цены от: rub 403,687 (€ 5.490)

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